How the Law of Attraction Works

When the book The Secret came out it became an overnight phenomenon. Everyone wanted to understand the “easy” way of getting what you want in life. There were some that did not and still do not believe in this Universal Law. They cannot seem to understand how it could be that easy to just think about something and it will appear. While others became infatuated with learning more about this “new” way of thinking.

The basic explanation of what the book and movie was trying to deliver was that whatever you focus on will appear in your life. This philosophy is more than positive thinking. It is about being aware of your thoughts, taking control over what you spend the most time thinking about and how you FEEL when thinking those thoughts.

Quantum Physics and Energy Levels

I am not a quantum physicists so to go into a deep explanation of quantum physics as it relates to energy levels and being able to manifest something probably will not happen. I will however give you a basic idea of what science has proven. Science has proven that our entire body is made up of energy. The energy you have within creates a vibrational field that you give off. That is why when you enter a room filled with negative people you can feel it. You do not have to speak to anyone in the room, just their energy alone gives off a vibe.

Side note: That is why it is so important to trust your intuition when it comes to people. Your body is reading someone else’s vibrational field and it is telling you whether or not someone is bad for you. 

Our bodies are actually not solid mass even though it would appear that way. We are constantly moving and vibrating at every second of our lives. Your entire body is on a vibrational field and that field is either a negative low vibration or a positive high vibration.

Since every thought you have creates a feeling in your body, over time that feeling will then manifest into the thought that it was attached to. 

Being Happy All the Time

To say that one needs to be happy and positive all the time in order to manifest anything good is ridiculous, in my opinion. Life happens and we experience emotions and feelings that are not so pleasant. In order to move through a negative experience we must first feel our feelings. It is the very bases of what we were taught as children, feel our feelings and do not suppress them. The hard part is not staying in a negative place for too long. Majority of the time the reason why we stay in a negative space way past its expiration date is because of our Ego. In order to bring the things you want into your life, you must learn these three steps.

Step One – Observe your thoughts and feelings

The first step when trying to manifest anything is to learn how to observe your thoughts and feelings.  This is so important because if you are not aware of your thoughts then you have no control over what shows up in your life. It is your thoughts that are creating your reality and the feelings you attach to those thoughts is what is pushing you closer to manifesting the thought. Once you can master how to observe them, you then can begin to change the thoughts that do not serve you. You will no longer allow them to control your mind and create your life.

Changing a thought at times can be easy. It is not attaching to the feeling you get when thinking the thought that is hard. Remember your thoughts create your feelings, and your feelings when rehearsed over time will create what shows up in your life. It is the FEELING that ultimately brings the thought to life.
When someone says they really do not want something to happen to them and they think about it, worry about it and obsess about it that thought usually comes to life. The feeling they had about the thought it what is pushing the universe to bring it to them.

The universe is a magnet so whatever you put out is what you get back. The universe does not know the difference between “I don’t want” and “I do want.”

Step Two – Respond Don’t React

This has been the biggest lesson I have learned towards keeping my vibration high is not allowing what other people have to say to affect how I feel inside.  It is very liberating. When you react to what someone has to say you are doing so from an emotional place. When you react this causes you to be brought down to whatever vibration level the other person is on.  You are basically allowing someone else to control your state and take away your happiness.

When you respond, you are doing just that. You respond with a truthful statement that has no emotional charge to it. You are not looking for someone else to agree with you or validate what you think or how you feel. What you have to say is your truth and that is it.

Remember, you are in control of how you feel. You are responsible for what vibrational field you are in at any given moment. So that means when someone says something hurtful to you or when a stranger cuts you off on the highway, you can decide whether to respond or react. Once you take responsibility for how you feel in each moment you will see that you have a choice. You will no longer be handing over your power and happiness to someone else.

Remember the key is manifesting what you want is by keeping your vibration HIGH!!!

Step Three – Use Visualization

This is the best thing about trying to manifest anything into your life. You get to play make believe again! This is the time that you really think about what it is you want in your life. Really get specific with what you want. Do you want a new career? Imagine what that career would be, what it would look like in your life and how it would make you feel to have it. Are you searching for new love? Make a detailed list of all the qualities you want in a person. Focus on how it would make you feel to have this type of relationship in your life and how it would make the other person feel to have a person like you. You are just as important to the relationship as the other person, so understanding what you bring to the table is important.

Throughout the day when you feel yourself doing something mindless this is your opportunity to go back to the thing you are trying to manifest and be in a place of happiness. Think about how grateful and happy you would feel if you already had this new job, new love or whatever it is you are trying to bring to you.

The most important thing is to live like you already have it. This is where the quote “fake it till you make it” comes to mind. Find a few minutes a day when you are alone and not doing anything to really focus on your manifestation. If you are driving to work just smile and think about what you would feel like if you had the thing that you desire. If you are getting ready in the morning, think about how great it would feel to get up and go to work doing what you love each day and how that would make you feel.

When you know for sure that what you want you will get, it is just a matter of time before it appears. The key is to never give up. Anything good worth getting takes time. Begin to practice manifesting what you want, focus on you and live as if you have it already. The more you align yourself with what you want, the more you are bringing it closer to you. Believe you are worthy of receiving it, move through negative experiences and do not allow others to alter your vibrational field. Remember, everything you want starts with you.

You are in control of your life, success and happiness.

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