The Important Lesson Kids Teach Us

Now being a mother, I look at my son in such amazement and I tell him every day just how much he amazes me. He truly lives in each moment. He is pure, innocent and does not worry about the future nor does he think about the past.

How To Create Mental Toughness

I see it all too often someone has a goal they want to achieve or a challenge they are trying to overcome but are struggling with where to begin in order to get there. They become so overwhelmed with the physical act of achieving their goal and become so inundated with negative self-talk that they cannot move forward, which then brings on more negative thoughts and the cycle continues.

Are You Dealing With A Narcissist?

Learning about narcissism is something anyone can benefit from because chances are you have met one before and did not even know it. Most likely you left the interaction either very upset or scratching your head trying to figure this person out. You probably felt something with them was off but could not pinpoint one specific thing. The truth is learning about this type of disorder is so important so that you can begin arming yourself from this type of abusive behavior.

How to Stay Connected to Your Intuition

One of the things that was an eye opener for me was learning about our subconscious mind and how this part of our brain affects everything we do in life. Every relationship we have, every job we hold, essentially comes from the beliefs we carry around with us and those beliefs are located in our subconscious mind.