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How to Deal with a Jealous or Insecure Person

We have all been around an insecure person. Sometimes it is very easy to spot this person and other times it is not that easy. It can be hard to spot them especially if you have insecurities within your own self.

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Are You Co-Dependent?

In this video I will dive into the aspect of codependency. Codependency is something a lot of people suffer from and are unaware they are suffering. Co-dependent people struggle with wanting to fix others. They care what other people think. They subconsciously want to please others.

Are You Dealing with a Narcissist?

[trx_title type=”1″ style=”regular” align=”center” font_size=”2em” top=”inherit” bottom=”inherit” left=”inherit” right=”inherit”]Are You Dealing with a Narcissist?[/trx_title] Learning about narcissism is something anyone can benefit from because chances are you have met one before and did not even know it. Most likely you left the interaction either very upset or scratching your head trying to figure this person

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12 Ways to Create More Self-Love

When you begin to love yourself everything in your life changes. When you love yourself you no longer seek other people’s validation. You understand how to set boundaries and know how to enforce them. You have learned how to unconditionally love yourself. You know that you could never truly love another person until you learn to love yourself.