4 Reasons Why It Is a Blessing That Someone Betrayed You

Every day we leave ourselves wide open to be hurt or betrayed. We learn as a child how to trust people and as we become adults we learn how easily trust can be broken. We learn some people can hurt others and have no remorse.

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How to Trust Yourself after Heartbreak (Don’t Make the Same Mistake Twice)

If you have ever been cheated on or experienced someone breaking your trust then you might be nervous about making the same mistake twice. Not wanting to attract the same person all over again and experiencing the same pain is very common after experiencing heartbreak!

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Healthy Dating after a Break Up

Dating after a divorce, a breakup or heartbreak can be difficult. Some people will wait years before getting back out there and dating again. While others will become serial daters and rush into another relationship very soon after ending their last one. Both of these options are not good.

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How to Increase Your Self Confidence

This weeks video is really special to me because learning how to increase your self-confidence is so important towards creating anything you want in your life. No matter what you are going through you will always need to have confidence in yourself in order to achieve what you desire.

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Dating Q&A: Are You Moving Too Fast?

When you are dating and someone is pushing to see you all the time, showering you with all of these romantic gestures so early on, wants to talk all day every day that maybe a sign that the relationship is moving too fast. While all of that can seem exciting it is not always healthy IF you are looking to find long lasting healthy love.