How to Ask the Universe for What You Want! ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE

One of the first things you will learn when you begin coaching is that the universe is infinite and you create your reality. When you begin accepting that your happiness is your responsibility and that if what you have now in your life does not satisfy you that you have the power to change it. That powerful way of thinking will allow you to become free.

The philosophy of ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE is something that has been popular for a while. Learning about the laws of the universe have become so powerful that people are awakening to their own capabilities every day. This approach to life puts the power back in people’s hands rather than thinking they are just powerless in life.

When a client comes to me no matter what they are looking to attract into their life this principle of Ask, Believe, and Receive is at the bases of every goal or dream someone has. One of the first things which can be the hardest for most clients is to hone in on exactly what they want. Most people think they know what they want but in fact they have a very general idea of it.

“I want more money.” I want a new job.” I want a partner.”

These are all very general statements to make to the universe. If all you want is a partner then the universe will serve you up any old person to come into your life. This part of the process requires you to be honest with yourself and know yourself very well.


Ask For What You WANT, Not What You DON’T Want!

A lot of mistakes I see people making is they tend to ask for the things they do not want. That is a BIG no-no. The universe does not know the difference between what you don’t want and what you do want. All it hears is your statement of affirmation and it give it to you. Especially when you put a lot of attention and energy behind the thing you don’t want to happen it will serve you up just that right away. It is your force that brings the affirmation to life.

If you do not want to be poor then stop saying “I don’t want to be poor.” All the universe hears is “want to be poor.” You MUST start speaking in terms of what you want not what you don’t want. That is a powerful thing to start practicing.

Be Specific With What You Want!

Knowing exactly what you want in life is critical towards manifesting and achieving your goals. If what you desire is vague then you can never hit the exact target of what it is you want.

Asking for what you want is your opportunity to tune in to what specifically you want in your life. It is the opportunity to know who you are and what makes you tick. This is your time to make your wish list. Do not worry about the “HOW” or “WHEN” just focus on what you desire.

Really sitting with yourself and getting to know who you are is a critical part of self-love and you can only do this when you take the time to focus on yourself. Be honest with yourself and what you need and want in your life.

In this process we are not settling for what we think we can get. We are creating a fantasy list of things that we want in our lives.


This can be the hardest part in the process because this takes work. Believing is not always easy because we have been programmed to want to see it before we can believe it. Unfortunately that is not how the universe works. You must believe it before you can see it. That is the reality!

What You Want EXISTS

It is not enough to just wish something into existence you must FEEL what it would feel like to already have it. You must live as if it is already in your life.

These can be hard things to do because we have something called an EGO. Your ego does not like change. It carries all of your assumptions that you have based off of your own personal experiences which cause you to have fear and doubt.

It is easy to assume all men cheat if you have been cheated on but it is the woman who believes there are good men out there that will attract a good one. She is not focused on lack she is focused on abundance.

She believes without needing to see it that what you wants exists regardless of her past experience.

That is faith. When you believe even when your ego tells you differently. That is strength and that is courage.

 I Deserve It!

In order to let go of your assumptions and limiting beliefs you have to BELIEVE you deserve what it is you are asking for. Working on your self-worth and self-value is essential in this part. You cannot ask the universe for something if you do not think it exists or if you truly have a belief that you do not deserve it.

You have to believe without a doubt that this will happen for you. Regardless of how long it takes, regardless of how much work you have to do. Knowing you deserve something means I am not standing in life with doubt and lack. Again, I know life is abundant and I am deserving because I am no different than anyone else.

When you become so hungry for what you want no amount of self-doubt will get in your head. The minute that voice tries to enter in and stop you, you immediately will know how to shut it down!


The Art of Letting Go of Control

Many people often get stuck in the control aspect of manifesting. They want to know the when, how and where. They want to know how this will all happen for them. They are trying to control the situation and force what they want to manifest itself because like a child they want it now!

You can work on manifesting something into your life but if you are stuck in the control than you will stay stuck. This is the reason why what you want is not coming to fruition.

You are not letting go and trusting the universe to give you what it is you have asked for.

The irony with manifesting is in order to create what you want you almost have to believe in it so badly and then let it go. It truly is in the letting go that everything begins to manifest itself into your life.

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