Two Narcissists in a Relationship

Can two people that are Narcissistic sustain a relationship and if so what type of relationship will they have?

When two narcissists are romantically involved with each other their relationship will never be healthy. No relationship with a narcissist will ever be healthy.

This person is incapable of having a good relationship. When you lack empathy, are unable to connect with others and are completely selfish you will never be able to compromise and love unconditionally. You will always have an agenda and motive for everything you do because what you want comes before anyone else. 

The beginning, they will feed off of each other just like what would happen with a codependent and a narcissist. There is love bombing and each narcissist knows what the other wants to see and get in order to hook the other in their relationship. 

They are securing their narcissistic supply only to begin the abuse (lying, cheating, stealing, etc) later on. This relationship is no different. The only difference is, in the beginning, they are giving each other exactly what the other needs and their relationship goes on a HIGH. 

Just like any high you always come down and this situation is no different. 

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