Why Empaths Attract Toxic People

Do you feel like you have a knack for attracting Narcissists? Perhaps you are an empath. 

An empath is someone who feels deeply. They are caring, compassionate and in tune with how others are feeling and what they need. This ability to be tuned in on others makes an Empath a natural caregiver.

They love deeply, are loyal to a fault and always see the good in others.

The trouble an empath will face is because of their ability to connect with others so deeply. Their ability to be a caregiver and a good hearted person also makes them a prime target for abuse.

Since empaths often think everyone looks at the world as they do, they often cannot see unhealthy behaviors in others so this make them susceptible to people taking advantage of them.

A narcissist is a very different animal than an empath. Where the empath has numerous amounts of empathy, a narcissist has none. They are selfish and self-absorbed which means what they think and what they need comes before anyone else.

Since a narcissist has a fragile ego and in their eyes the world revolves around them they are consistently looking for narcissistic supply. Narcissist supply is what they need in order for them to survive.

A narcissist needs enablers and people that will forgive and excuse their behavior. When a narcissist is dealing with a forgiving loyal person they often will love bomb them so they can ensure their behavior is excused. They will pretend to be your prince charming or perfect mate because they have studied you and they know what you want to see and what you want to hear.

This is all part of the abuse and manipulation they use in order to keep you stuck.

Once a narcissist has trapped you whereby you are in love with them, married them, have children with them or perhaps are living with them they now know they have you and the abuse will begin to happen. Their mask will slowly start to come off.

The reason why they do this is because they know you will forgive them. They know you are invested and you do not walk away so easily.

If you are a codependent empath you will enter into a whole new phrase of obstacles that makes you a prime target for abuse. If you have poor boundaries with people and do not respect yourself regardless of being “INVESTED” with this person you will let a lot of things go because you fear being alone. You crave love. You are seeking someone to fill you up inside and so you will give chance after chance after chance.

The bottom line is an empath is a giver and a narcissist is a taker. So how can an empath stop attracting the takers into their lives?

Do you know what emotional abuse looks like? Do you know when someone is manipulating you, gaslighting you or using other tactics to gain control over you?

Learn how to love yourself. The reason why this is so important is because when you have healthy self-talk, love yourself, know how to set boundaries with others, trust your intuition and have very high standards for people being in your life you will never be a good source of supply to a narcissist.

Want the rest… keep watching this weeks video!

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