Embrace Your Single Self

In this week’s video I wanted to celebrate all my single girls and guys out there who are living in a world that tells you to couple up. That if we are not in a relationship that something is missing. Meanwhile a lot of people are in relationships with people who are not good for them. They are in relationships and do not love their partner. They are just merely living together. There is no passion, excitement, love, friendship, flirting. They are just roommates with their partner. 
This week I want to celebrate all the people who love themselves enough to say I want a relationship but I know what I want and more importantly what I deserve and I will find a healthy person to share my life with. The people that do not settle. The people that love themselves so much that they do not feel a lack in their life because they are not coupled up. 
Here are all the reasons why you should embrace your single status!

What this means is you will never have this time again to NOT have to compromise with someone else. You can be selfish with everything in your life. Your time, your money, what you want to do everyday, etc so live this time in your life up! 

This is where we begin taking those exercises classes or joining the basketball league. When you are single you have more energy to do things. You want to enjoy every minute so starting thinking about some new goals you want to create for yourself. 

Don’t just sit around waiting for life to happen for you. Stop letting your fears take over and begin putting yourself out there. Go online find groups (meetup.com, bumble) meet new friends and enjoy life. Plan trips, do things that challenge you. 

Don’t worry if all your friends are in relationships and you are the only single one. Be the organizer in your group and schedule something fun to do with everyone. 

We should always be doing this but this is where you start becoming the person you want to attract. When you are happy with yourself,  know who you are and what you want, you won’t be looking to someone else to ‘make you whole’

Invest in coaching, invest in taking care of yourself, exercise, get that facial regularly, do your nails, buy new clothes, start feeling good about yourself. When you invest in yourself you are telling yourself you are worthy. When you look good, you feel good. You feel confident. 

This place you are in right now is preparing for the love you desire, but you have to first love being alone with yourself.  This doen’t mean that you don’t want a relationship, but that you do not have an unhealthy yearning for one. That this relationship will “complete you” but it will just be something that adds to your already great life. 

Once you have started enjoying life your focus flips and you really love being alone. This is a great place because that means you will not allow anyone to come into your life that is not adding anything healthy to the table. Unhealthy people eager to walk down the aisle in 3 months are of no interest. The people that play games and don’t know what they want.. pass! 

Watch this week’s video below to learn more! 

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