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No one prepares you for the times in your life when everything changes in an instinct, and you must pick up the pieces alone.

There is never a moment when we want to go through challenging times, a divorce, a breakup, dealing with infidelity, learning about emotional abuse, and having to face some hard realities. Looking at who you have been in your relationship and feeling lost, broken, and worried that you will never heal.

One of the most painful things you can experience is having the rug pulled up from underneath you and having to accept that the fantasy you thought you were living has now become a nightmare. Healing from what you have gone through in your past is no easy task, but it is necessary because you deserve more than what you got.

The stakes are higher now, and you are about to go through a transformation towards rebuilding.

The greatest moments of your life will be rising above what you went through and coming out on the other side.


Mindset Makeover was designed for all of us. Everyone needs this because we all go through hard times.

Whether you are going through a transition, or perhaps you’ve been sitting in a funk for too long, the hard part is figuring out how to get out of this space. You’re tired, lonely, overwhelmed and you don’t even know how you got here so quickly.

These are the moments when we need to give ourselves a pause, go within and hit the reset button.


In this course we are focusing on the basics, but these basics unfortunately are not always so easy to do. That is why it is important to give yourself time daily to begin to practice what you need to focus on to start moving yourself out of this space and into a healthy one.

I know you want to hit the reset button, so what are you waiting for...

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We all have a past, wounds, and things we have been through that have stayed with us for too long. This is now your time to finally heal and create a new you.   

Your job now is to heal from what you have been through and change that old narrative that has kept you stuck.  

Are you ready to take full responsibility for yourself and your happiness?

There are two things every person needs: knowledge and practice. Educating yourself is a critical aspect of self-development. Learning concepts, terms, and the psychology of not just yourself but others is a vital part towards becoming healthy.


Healthy recovery entails learning how to forgive, accept and let go.

No matter the stage healing allows you to move through the pain and heartache you are experiencing.


Surviving is about learning. It is not about grasping for air when you feel like you are drowning.

This is about getting up every day to do the work to get yourself to where you want to be.


Let’s rewrite your story. 

This is about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to go beyond what you thought you could have in your life.

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You Are Enough. 

To truly heal and thrive, you have to believe you are enough. You must have the confidence to take responsibility for your life and happiness. You have to know that regardless of how your relationship ended, you will be OK. Even better than OK, you will THRIVE!

You are taking the steps to do the work that most people never do. Most people never heal. If you are here you are not one of those people. You are a survivor, and you will overcome this and create the life you have always wanted.

True happiness comes from learning how to love yourself. The ability to love yourself will bring you to the space you need to be at in order to build your new life. You have the power within to create your own happiness and my coaching will help you get there. Get ready for this amazing journey towards the life you have always wanted!