Building Better Boundaries

Boundaries are extremely important as they tell people how you want to be treated.  

We all want to be assertive and confident to communicate ourselves to others and this course will give you a detailed plan on how to get you there!

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A healthy adult knows when a boundary has been violated. They know how to communicate with others on how something makes them feel. They set their own boundaries and even enforce a consequence if need be.

They do not live in fear. They do not live in the anxiety and worry of what someone will think of them. They have learned how to be transparent on how they want to be treated. 

In this mini course, we will discuss the key components towards having healthy standards which will then allow for healthy boundaries. If you do not know how you want to be treated or know when someone has gone too far, then you will always be abused and/or taken advantage of in life.

You might be surrounded by people who knowingly or unknowingly take advantage of you. They do not show you respect. They do not understand how to respect your thoughts and feelings.

While some might fault those people, a healthy adult will take responsibility for their own self.

They will learn how to create healthier standards, set boundaries, and communicate their boundaries with others. This is necessary to teach people how you would like to be treated.

Building Better Boundaries MINI Course


  • In this mini course you will learn:

    • How to begin raising your standards in relationships
    • How to know when a boundary has been violated
    • How to set boundaries with people which is centered around how you communicate yourself to others
    • Letting go of any fear you have within that is holding you back
    • Enforcing your boundaries and learning how to set consequences with others


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Each week we discuss a variety of topics ranging from learning how to have positive and healthy self-talk, how to build confidence within yourself, Emotional Abuse, Narcissistic Abuse and how to become Emotionally and Mentally Healthy!
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