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The Bundle

Everyone needs this information because this bundle includes two very important things: the knowledge to heal from your past and the tools to work on your new future.

We’ve all been through something. We’ve all had experiences and traumas, whether they were little or big, that affected how we see ourselves and how we see the world. The quality of your relationships and your inner health all come down to one thing: your inner self. How healthy you are inside is the key factor in determining what you have and don’t have in your life.

This bundle includes two of my best sellers!



Many people often do not understand why healing is so important. To make it simple, what you carry around with you creates your happiness, your life, and the qualities of your relationships. If you do not know where your wounds are, then you will forever let them influence your life.

Topics we will cover:

  •  Week 1 - The Assault, Attack and Violation Wound
  •  Week 2- The Shame Wound
  •  Week 3 - The Unlovable Wound
  •  Week 4 - The Judgement Wound
  •  Week 5 - The Manipulation Wound
  •  Week 6 - The Betrayal Wound
  •  Week 7 - The Guilt Wound
  •  Week 8 - The Abandonment Wound
  •  Week 9 - Healing the Wound



This program was designed for the person who is ready to rebuild. You have been through it all and are ready to start gaining the strength you may have lost along the way. Maybe you are going through a breakup, a divorce or just need a reboot in your life. You have spent too much time focusing on other people and not enough time getting back to you. 

Topics we will cover:

  • Week 1 – The Basics of being a High Value Woman
  • Week 2 – Self-Parenting / Your inner dialogue
  • Week 3 – Standards, Boundaries and Self-Worth
  • Week 4 – Friendship and Social Life
  • Week 5 – Career and Money
  • Week 6 – Love and Dating


Course Includes:

  • Access to Stephanie’s Private Community Group via her client app.
  • Weekly tailored videos, reading material and audios discussing each week's topic.
  • Weekly homework that will help guide you through this process.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

SLC Team


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