5 star review  love her knowledge of every subject she has been talking on YouTube.. very very helpful and very very comforting to our heart... she is the best life couch ..

    thumb RJ Lg

    5 star review  I can’t say thank you enough for your videos. They have been so eye-opening and a shoulder for me to lean on. Thank you!!!

    thumb Ben DeJong

    Such an attractive voice!

    thumb Steve Pevach

    because her videos helped me understand the process I needed to take to get over a break up.. I needed her in a big way..and I'm very thankful

    thumb Paul Henry

    She has helped me immensely and changed my life for the better. She is great at what she does!

    thumb Chakra Medioso

    You are such a beautiful, sexy and smart woman. I can’t believe smb could hurt you. Your videos are extremely helpful to me and professional, though you are not mental health professional. You speak freely, openly, easily, professionally on important topics and you charge nothing for your wisdom and experience.

    thumb Igor Kudinov

    youtube videos are great advice

    thumb Gerard Andrews

    Her videos have been extremely helpful in making me understand how to deal with toxic people and how to set boundaries. I really wish her all the best and look forward to her inspiring and motivational content.

    thumb Komal Mansoor

    Learning about narcissists has been really helpful.

    thumb Jeremy Wiebe

    She has a lot of good interesting things to say, very helpful

    thumb Michelle Lyons-Follis

    5 star review  Love listening to you on You Tube awesomeness... Thank you

    thumb Pomaika'i Kahahane

    5 star review  So grateful for all the guidance. Amazing that you give your free time to help so many, Thank you

    thumb Desiree Ekman

    5 star review  Thank you for sharing content. It has helped me to be wise and be smart in my exit.

    thumb Chuck Allen

    she is such an inspiration, so motivating, what she saysis exactly what i need to hear, just explaining about self soothing and redponding vs reacting. she changed my life

    thumb Jessica Duggan

    5 star review  I am so happy I found your videos and this page!! It truly has helped put the last 3 years of my life in perspective and so much makes sense now!. I am learning how to move forward after life with an undiagnosed narcissistic type. Healing can begin!

    thumb Brandi Holbrook

    Watching Stephanie's videos will change your life. She will wake you up the realities of unhealthy people in your life

    thumb Vino Crutchfield

    5 star review  I enjoy and am learning so much from your videos. Thank you!

    thumb Tracey Lickey Herzog

    5 star review  I been learning a lot from Stephanie..about self love and on how to set boundaries with anyone in your life . We are blessed and so grateful to have her. She has an amazing kind soul!

    thumb Aliciaa Cervantez

    Exposure to good topics and things that we take for granted and that we are unaware of👌 My friends are I love your videos! I binge listen to them at gym. Awesome! Please recommend more life coaches. Thank you Stephanie!❤️

    thumb Kaahsifa Ahmed

    I have watched every YouTube video and I will keep on watching them. Not only I understand what Stephanie is saying but it hits home every time. It resonates with me on every level. I cannot say that there was one video that didn’t impact me. I’m from Sydney Australia. If I was closer I would definitely meet her in person and have her as my coach. #biggestfan.

    thumb Nedra Cassar

    4 star review  I only discovered your YT vids a couple of days ago and I absolutely love them!! Big up from the Netherlands, guuuuurl! �

    thumb Ervina von Schükkmann

    So helpful videos!! Thank you!! They could save your life and your savings and especially your heart ❤️

    thumb Phillip Chauntley

    Down to earth, been through it, knows what she’s talking about and how to move you forward in life

    thumb Tania Holton

    You try to teach about narcissism to other people, and you're narcissist yourself.

    thumb Vivek Kene

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