4 Ways to Start Loving Yourself

If you were to ask someone if they love themselves I bet you they would say “yes.” The problem with asking most people this question is that majority of people don’t really know what self-love is or what it looks like. I always thought self-love was about liking yourself but it goes much deeper than that. Now I know it is about loving everything about who you are; the good and the not so good.

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How to Handle a Manipulative Person

One of the many reasons why it is so important to learn how to love yourself is because when you love yourself you can spot unhealthy people a mile away. Learning to love yourself teaches you what a healthy relationship should look like and how it should feel.

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How Finding Your Purpose Will Help You Find True Love

If you were to ask a group of people if they have found their purpose in life majority of them would say “no.” Most would tell you that they do not have a clue. Some might say they have never really thought about it and the rest would tell you they are still searching for it.

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3 Ways You Might Be Codependent

One of the things that completely changed my life was learning about codependency. I never realized all the ways I was codependent until I began examining how often I put someone else’s needs ahead of my own or how often I was concerned about how someone else viewed me.

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How to Attract Healthy Love

So often we go out into the world looking for that one perfect person. We are obsessed with this idea of how our lives should look and the relationship we should have (prince charming on a white horse sweeping us off our feet) that we don’t bother to think, maybe prince charming is just not right for us. Maybe he is not the kind, caring and loving man that we always wanted him to be.

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How the Law of Attraction Works

When the book The Secret came out it became an overnight phenomenon. Everyone wanted to understand the “easy” way of getting what you want in life. There were some that did not and still do not believe in this Universal Law.

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