The two things that are required to heal and move on with your life are KNOWLEDGE and SUPPORT!


Our group program is all about relationships.

You are here to acquire knowledge and learn the important life skills that you did not learn growing up. In this month of coaching you will get more then just text book information.

You will also get the support you need while on this journey of healing and growth. 

This platform allows you to have the best of all worlds.

Flexible Coaching that Meets your Needs!

You will get personal and daily interaction with Stephanie regarding a variety of topics. We will tackle how to begin healing, learning how to have healthy self-talk, attracting healthy people into your life and how to set personal goals for yourself. We will learn how to be Mentally and Emotionally Healthy!


Here is what you will get so you can heal, move on and begin creating your NEW LIFE!

You will be able to join our Weekly Group Coaching Session where you will speak to Stephanie directly over the phone along with your other Tribe members.

This is a comfortable relaxed environment where you can get valuable information that will help you along your journey. You will also get support from your peers and most importantly the validation you need to continue on.

Remember, no matter what questions are being asked, you will regardless receive a huge take away from the answers that are given. 

You will have 4 sessions within a one-month period.

You will also have 24/7 email access while you are coaching with Stephanie. Throughout this process, you will be able to email me with your questions and concerns.

GROUP COACHING - $550/per month
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