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30-Day Mindset Makeover

We have all had times in our life when things are too much to handle. We are stressed, overwhelmed, and going through a lot, and we just don't feel like ourselves. We've lost our way and need to focus on getting back to basics.

The situation you are going through might be overwhelming, which is why it's essential to take a moment to breathe and give yourself a much-needed reboot!

Whether you've worked with Stephanie in the past or are here for the first time, this course will be your pick-me-up and boost to get yourself back on track. In this course, you will receive a 30-day jam-packed boost of motivation, inspiration, and tools to move yourself forward.

Whether you are trying to heal, aiming to achieve something, or simply working on yourself, this is the ultimate guide to not only remembering who you are but also rebuilding your life.

If you've followed Stephanie’s work, you'll know that her #1 tip is to FEED YOUR MIND! That's precisely what you'll get in this course: education, tools, tips, and insights to fill yourself up daily so you can feel empowered, hopeful, and excited about what's to come.

Topics we will cover:

Week 1

The Commitment, The Enemy Within, Morning Routines, Don't Give Up, Healing from Your Past, Why do You Want to Change?, Emotional Regulation

Week 2

Manifesting 101, Self-Sabotage, Shut off Overthinking, Break Your Limiting Beliefs, Feeling Overwhelmed by Life, Why Are Your Boundaries Non-Existent?, Do This Every Day

Week 3

Learn to Embrace the Discomfort, The Way You Talk to Yourself, Stop Procrastinating, Accepting Less Than, Create Better Habits, PTSD from Abandonment, Don't Quit Because It's Hard

Week 4

Better Relationships, Rewriting Your Story, Create High Self-Worth, Calm the Anxiety, Defeat Self-Doubt, Feeling Stuck, Self-Parenting


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