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Private Coaching - Gift Certificate

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My Private Coaching is an exclusive 4-WEEK commitment which includes:

One weekly phone session (one hour in length)

During our calls we will begin working on your goals and how to move you forward in life. We will work together to start incorporating some key elements and skills that you can begin implementing in your own life to not only feel better but also begin living a healthy happy life.

Weekly tailored homework assignments 

Throughout our time together you will begin learning important life skills. These assignments are specific to what you are currently going through. They will help you to begin establishing healthy new habits in your life such as positive self-talk, self-parenting skills, self-motivation, manifestation, etc.

24/7 email access during your month of coaching. 

During the duration of our working together you will have the opportunity to have 24/7 access to me regarding anything you are going through. This is your chance to message me regarding any concerns or questions you might have. 

Access to my 9-week Online Course

During your time coaching you will also have access to my online course "How to Heal from Your Past." You will receive weekly videos and reading material that will help reinforce what you are learning and discussing from week to week.  

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 “From this anxious, preoccupied, open-heart, codependent, heartbroken man I give you my sincere thank you for helping me and others struggling in relationships.” James Tyree II


“Learning to forgive myself! I have learned so much from you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I am finally starting to feel myself again. I was born again 5 months ago when the narc dumped me. I didn’t understand what had just happened, I felt small, unworthy, I was so scared, lonely, and hopeless. But, my friends helped me a lot and watching your videos got me back from the darkness that I was left emotionally hurt. Thank you, again.” Adriano Cavalcanti