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Each week we discuss a variety of topics ranging from learning how to have positive and healthy self-talk, how to build confidence within yourself, the phases of abuse and what to look for, as well as how to be emotionally and mentally healthy!




You Deserve this Investment!

Now is the time to focus on YOU and giving yourself the life you have always wanted to live. This process is about learning all of the things you did not learn growing up. It is time to become emotionally and mentally healthy!

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9-Week Online Course


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  • Access to my client portal.
  • Weekly Tailored Videos.
  • All topics are here to help you learn how to be mentally and emotionally healthy.
  • Weekly Homework Assignments.
  • Reading material each week that will help guide you  through this transformation of healing and growth.

The High-Value Bootcamp



This is for the person who has started the work to heal and now wants to start working on their life. We are rebuilding in this course, all areas of your life. Regardless of what you want, let’s work on finding your spark, joy, and happiness again!

  • Week 1 – The Basics
  • Week 2 – Self-Parenting & your inner dialogue
  • Week 3 – Standards, Boundaries and Self-Worth
  • Week 4 – Friendship and Social Life
  • Week 5 – Career and Money
  •  Week 6 – Love and Dating