I have worked with people through every phase of life. I understand the unique struggles we all face today in the workplace, at home, and in our relationships because I have experienced these unique situations myself.
I am here not only as the emotional support you will need but also here to coach you through each phase.


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Stephanie is a Life and Relationship Coach focusing on healing from narcissistic abuse, codependency, and past wounds. A major part of her teaching is a process called Self-Parenting.

This practice is about learning how to become a healthy adult and learning the basic life skills that most of us did not learn growing up.

Stephanie focuses her attention on teaching the strategies and simple practices to begin reprogramming your inner self. The parts of you that have been damaged from what her clients have experienced throughout their lives.

Within her practice she has created a thriving YouTube Channel, Stephanie Lyn Coaching, and podcast Heal, Survive, Thrive, where people go to learn her teachings and gain the support they need to overcome what they have been through.

Stephanie’s philosophy is simple, “learn the basic principles you did not learn growing up that will allow you to become emotionally and mentally healthy."

She understands that we all have “stuff” that will hold us back if left untreated. Regardless of what you are going through, this experience of coaching is about learning the fundamental aspects of being a healthy adult. This is about your mental health.



9 Weeks to Emotional Healing & The High Value Woman Bootcamp 

You will get both courses at a discounted rate when you start The Bundle Package. This is your time to invest in yourself by healing from your past and rebuilding your future. 

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9-Week Online Course


Coaching at Your Own Pace!

  • Access to my client portal.
  • Weekly Tailored Videos.
  • All topics are here to help you learn how to be mentally and emotionally healthy.
  • Weekly Homework Assignments.
  • Reading material each week that will help guide you  through this transformation of healing and growth.

High-Value Woman Bootcamp


For the woman ready to rebuild her life!

  • Week 1 – The Basics 
  • Week 2 – Self-Parenting & your inner dialogue
  • Week 3 – Standards, Boundaries and Self-Worth
  • Week 4 – Friendship and Social Life
  • Week 5 – Career and Money
  • Week 6 – Love and Dating


Have you just ended a relationship?

Are you ready to start your new life, but you are feeling stuck?

Do you need some guidance and clarity in order to fully heal from your past relationship? 

If so, I am here to help you not only heal but also THRIVE in your new life. 





If you are ready to FINALLY INVEST in yourself then 1-1 coaching is your next step. You will not only receive weekly coaching sessions but you will also be able to email Stephanie throughout your time together. You will receive access to download her NEW eBook and BOTH of her ONLINE COURSES! 

This is for the person who is Ready to do the Work! 





     ✓ Learn to forgive and let go 
     ✓ Heal your internal wounds
     ✓ Understand the process of self-love
     ✓ Work toward your goals
     ✓ Create positive and healthy self-talk
     ✓ Build your self-confidence by taking action


  • The tools you need to achieve your goals
  • How to reprogram your mind
  • How to use visualization to manifest what you want
  • The process of self-parenting to heal yourself and create your own happiness

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