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For the woman looking to completely rebuild her life!


Develop the Life You Want to Live. 

In this course we are going to cover every part of your life.

I am talking about dating as a High-Value person, diving into your intimate relationships, your friendships, how to create a fun and active social life, getting ahead in your career and finding your purpose.

Like with all things we will dive into self-worth, self-esteem, how to have a high level of confidence, enforcing boundaries, and balancing both your masculine and feminine side. 

This course is about becoming the best version of yourself!



Ready to Rebuild!


  • Week 1 – The Basics of being a High Value Person
  • Week 2 – Self-Parenting / Your inner dialogue
  • Week 3 – Standards, Boundaries and Self-Worth
  • Week 4 – Friendship and Social Life
  • Week 5 – Career and Money
  • Week 6 – Love and Dating

It is not uncommon to struggle with your confidence and self-worth from time to time. When you go through life and have experienced things that were hard and unpleasant it can knock the wind out of you, but no matter what you have gone through healing is possible.

It is possible to get through what you have been through or are going through and THRIVE after it all. It is possible to look back on what you have endured and think, “Look at what I have done and what I accomplished for myself!”

This program was created with one thing in mind, to help you rebuild!

Rebuilding is necessary in life. It is a part of getting up after you fall. In this process of self-development, you will learn the fundamental skills that will help you in every aspect of life. It will also bring out the empowered, excited, girl boss within you!

I am beyond excited for you and cannot wait for you to start this chapter of your life! 

Heal & Rebuild Bundle


  • Life can throw tough stuff at us without asking. It hurts a lot, and going through it alone is hard. Not many get what we're facing, and there's no clear path. We all need help to heal and move on, no matter who we are or where we're from.

    This package is for those tired of feeling stuck, wanting more, and knowing they deserve a great life.

    •  Access to 9 Weeks to Emotional Healing Course and The High Value Bootcamp.