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We know how important it is to help the ones you loves. This is your opportunity to give someone you love the gift of helping themselves.


With Private Coaching the client has an opportunity to work with
Stephanie for four weeks. They will receive a 1-1 session each week. They will also have email access throughout their time working with Stephanie. With this coaching option, the client will gain 6 months access to her 9-week online course on Emotional Healing.


Give someone the gift gaining clarity and insight regarding what they are going through.


Our High-Value Woman BOOTCAMP is for any woman who is needing to work on herself. In this program we will dive into all areas of life; from career, love, friendships, social life, dating, and most importantly creating a healthy sense of self. We will dive into confidence, self love and reprogram. This program is essential for the woman looking to rebuild her life from the ground up.


9-Weeks to Emotional Healing was created with one thing in mind, giving people the tools to heal from what they have been through. Childhood trauma, past relationship wounds and the internal conversations that we carry around with us that are no longer serving us. 


This is a great opportunity to get the best of both worlds. Healing from your past, while preparing for your future. Start by investing in examining your past and the wounds you are carrying around with you. Once you heal you can begin moving forward. Without this essential work you can never see your future with clear eyes. Next let us work on all areas of your life. This is the good stuff. This is when we work on creating your new future.


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