3 Reasons Why You Feel Stuck (A Powerful Way to Heal)

healing self-development Jul 08, 2021

When we begin our healing journey there may come a time when we begin to feel stuck. We may feel like we aren’t progressing with understanding ourselves and overall start to think we might not overcome the things that have happened to us. Our paths to self-love will always look different from one another but a few key points will remain the same. 

Healing is not black and white or linear. It’s gray and feels like lots of ups and downs, and that’s okay! It’s important to go at your own pace to truly understand yourself and the stories in your life that stay with you. Often, there are three individual aspects as to why we may be feeling stuck and there are ways to get past this. 


Where Healing Begins

Knowing where healing starts is essential to your emotional self and how to properly grow and become a better version of yourself. Healing from trauma is never easy and it will take time regardless of how you approach it. There may be days when you feel like you’re on top of the world, and others when you feel like you’re at the lowest of lows. working through these emotions and understanding why you feel this way is the cusp between who you were and who you will be. 


Own How You Feel & Take Responsibility

Acknowledging everything from your childhood traumas to your adulthood experiences is an empowering and freeing feeling. You can see things for what they are, and begin to self validate. You are no longer at the mercy of others because you know how you feel in certain situations and have taken responsibility for the sadness that lies beneath the anger and grief you may feel. 

Everything that has happened to you is in the past and you get to choose how you handle and work through the present moment. Knowing that your internal wounds come from stories in your life can help guide you on a healthy path to become a self-loving adult. Once you own your wounds and feelings you can nurture them and begin to love yourself wholly as you go through the full cycle of healing. No one else is responsible for the way you feel but yourself and from this, we can learn and acknowledge the journey we went through. Be sure not to stay in the space of experiencing your emotions for too long that it becomes unproductive, be intuitive with yourself, and try to reflect on what you learned from your experiences. 


Understand Your Emotional Triggers

The trauma you endured and will stay with you unless you tend to it and start to heal your inner child. Your wounds and your scars makeup who you are and learning what makes you reactive will help control your emotions in situations. By understanding where your wounds lie, you will become more aware of how your trauma affects your life and how to properly deal with it. 

How you feel is valid in every situation but being reactive and explosive won’t help you to control your thoughts and triggers. You will be able to plan and expect certain things when situations do arise so that you are better prepared to handle them. Your emotional triggers are a part of who you are right now and noticing that part of you will help you to see that and how to steer away from it. 


Learn Self-Awareness

To effectively learn your emotional triggers, you need to be self-aware so you can disengage in the right moment and know when to step away. Slow yourself down so you can consciously choose how to do things in the way you would like, not the way your emotional triggers make you react. Understand the story that came up that allowed the trigger to happen. It’s not always the thing a person said, but the memory that came up when they said it.

Be honest with yourself to unleash the stories you tell yourself day in and day out. In your healing journey, you must work on that relationship with yourself to not fall into the rabbit hole of negativity. It will always be easier to walk past the rabbit hole than to try and dig yourself out of it.


Self-Growth is a Journey

It may not seem like it right now, but your traumas will eventually allow you to grow and become who you want in life. Our pain will help us learn to love ourselves in ways that we may never have thought of. Growing is painful, hard, and emotional but there is a beauty that comes from it in being able to see where your strengths as a person lie. As you go through your self-growth journey, you’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come. Be patient with yourself as you are still learning the ropes to start self-growth. 

Healing ebbs and flows and even if you do the right things, it will still take time and won’t automatically be fixed in one day. Self-growth and healing will have their ups and downs and might feel like a rollercoaster but as you learn to love yourself, you’ll discover new highs that you would not have found without it. Don’t compare your story to others and wonder why you might be further along or behind in your process. There is not a rush to how you choose to handle your life. 

Regardless of what someone does to you, you have a choice as to what path you choose for happiness. Soon, you will be able to master your emotional triggers, become self aware, and take responsibility for your feelings and actions. We are always in control of our own emotions and validating our experiences is just another step in the cycle of healing. Get a sense of what it means to be acquainted with the emotions you need to go through to heal yourself and have the growth you deserve. Don’t be stuck in life, and choose to be a happy and healthy adult by starting your journey of self-love, healing, and happiness today!

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