5 Ways To Practice Spiritual Self-Care

letting go self-care self-development Mar 17, 2023

When we read about self-care, we read about what to do to help ourselves physically and mentally. We learn ways to be more gentle with ourselves, acknowledge and validate our emotions, and take the steps to protect our health and energy. All of this is important, and we need to take the time to do things for us to put our health and well-being first. But we seem to always leave out the spiritual aspect. We tend not to think too much about caring for ourselves spiritually, and many people don't really understand why spiritual self-care is important.

Spiritual self-care helps you develop a deeper sense of meaning and understanding. Many people equate this to being a religious aspect, but taking care of yourself spiritually doesn't have to be about religion. Some people do use it as a religious experience, but spiritual self-care can be so much more than that. Spiritual self-care is taking the steps to look for and connect with your real, authentic self.

The amazing part of spiritually taking care of yourself is that you can take many different paths. When most people start to take care of their mental and emotional well-being, they will touch on some of the spiritual aspects and not even realize that they are doing it.


How do we practice spiritual self-care?

For many people, taking care of themselves spiritually can look like many things. Some people will look into the world around them and try to connect and understand how they fit into it. Others may do the opposite and, instead of looking outwardly, will try to look deeper within themselves. There is no wrong way, and both have their purpose. If you're looking at ways to practice spiritual self-care, some ways to try include:


  1. Connect with nature

Being out in nature and taking in the sights, smells, and sounds can be such a calming and filling experience. Breaking away from the hustle and noise of your day-to-day life to see the world around you can help you focus on the now, focus on what is presently happening instead of your fears and worries. Watching the trees sway in the wind, the smell of the ocean, the sound of crickets in the desert, wherever you are, stepping out of yourself and into the world around you can give you a deeper sense of self.


  1. Connect with your body

You can connect with your body in a number of ways such as exercise, yoga, or meditation. Connecting with your body is to focus on what your body is doing now; how it’s moving, the way it feels, and what you are touching. Take yoga as an example; you want to be mindful of how your feet are placed and if you feel the mat or bare floor under you. Then think about the feeling of your muscles in your legs and back when you stretch. The feeling of your lungs and diaphragm expanding when you breathe.


  1. Connect with your mind

Meditation is a great tool for connecting with your mind, as is journaling. When meditating, close out the rest of the world. There are countless meditation practices, but for this one, you want to try and keep your mind clear. If any thoughts pop in, don't try to ignore them. When you try to push your thoughts away, you'll often spend more time thinking about them and having them bounce back. You'll want to take the time to acknowledge the thought, see it, and then let it drift away.


  1. Connect with the people around you

Having a support network and people we love around us can help us stay focused on our most authentic selves. When we are around people who love and respect us, it is easier to be our real selves without fear. The ability to be ourselves has a huge impact on our mental health. It also allows us to explore other areas of our interests and personality to discover who we really are.


  1. Practice forgiveness

A huge part of spiritual self-care is letting go of the pain and shame of the past. Forgiving yourself or someone else doesn't mean that you are okay with what happened or willing to bring someone toxic back into your life. It means that you will no longer hold on to that negative energy. It means that you are letting go, moving on, and focusing that energy to bring more positivity into your life.