How to Achieve Any Goal You Set

goal setting mental health self-care self-development success May 13, 2021

Goals are a great thing to set whether it’s the beginning of a new year, new week, new month or just day. It’s important to make some goals for ourselves; whether it’s losing weight, finding a new career/job, finding a new partner, or whatever you want to achieve. After the first few weeks of focusing on the goal, it’s common to get discouraged if it hasn’t happened yet and then stop working for it. This is a normal thing that happens to many people because it’s impossible to go from zero to 60 to achieve a big goal.

Being mindful and conscious all the time is necessary and that can be tough. Plus, you must fight off the demons and negative self-talk that makes you believe you will not achieve this goal even with hard work. You must really focus on the inner dialogue and make sure it’s positive and not negative. Having positive and healthy self-talk is so important but sometimes difficult.  

Something that can help you change your focus and ultimately help you get to your end result is when you set a goal for yourself, make it a non-negotiable goal. If you know you have no choice but to achieve the goal, you will do it. An example of this is a single parent who loses a job and needs to put food on the table will not just give up. They know that finding a job is crucial and an absolute must. Failure is not allowed, so they know that this goal must be achieved.

Any goal you have needs to be a non-negotiable, and if it’s not, then just toss it away. If it’s not a non-negotiable goal, when discouragement hits you will just give up. So why not just throw it away before that happens and refocus to a goal that is non-negotiable? You need to have a serious drive within you to achieve the goal. If finding a new job is a must and you cannot fail, you won’t. You will take the appropriate action, work hard and succeed because you know there is no other option.  

One key thing to do to help you achieve a big goal is to do it in smaller steps. If you’re trying to lose weight but never worked out a day in your life and think that by signing up for a gym membership and planning to go every night after work is a great plan, you might want to reconsider by starting a little smaller. Start your goal off by just taking a walk around the block a few nights a week, and then progress slowly to the next step, and so on, until you reach the original goal of losing a certain number of pounds.

By having a goal of losing 20 or 30 pounds, you are setting yourself up for a more unattainable goal. But by progressing one step at a time, you are more likely to keep going and reach your goal. Small steps can help push you toward that bigger goal a bit easier. Gradual steps will help you feel more motivated and successful. Succeeding at a smaller goal can make you feel more motivated to get to the next attainable goal.  

Another example is if your goal is to meet a new partner, you will need to get yourself out there and do some online dating, go out with friends and maybe talk to some people. It’s important to get out there and work on your energy and vibration and monitor the conversations inside of yourself.

If you begin to have any old thoughts of insecurity or any negative self-talk, you will have to tackle those demons in the moment and that will help you find the confidence needed to meet a new, healthy partner. Start small with smaller attainable goals and then progress to each next step to get to that non-negotiable goal. By doing it this way, you will feel more successful and will not accept failure.