How to Practice Letting Go of Your Pain

healing letting go mental health Sep 03, 2021

Letting go of pain can be hard, especially when you have carried it around with you for so long. The pain becomes a part of you, and it is often hard to shed those feelings because we unknowingly are addicted to them.  

When trying to let go of pain it is important to understand where your pain is coming from. What I mean is what part of you is experiencing the pain. Is it your wounded inner child or is it your ego? Did the pain just happen to you, or do you identify with your pain on a regular basis? 

First understanding your pain is essential as it is the story behind the hurtful experience that is causing you continuous pain. When we experience hurt it is normal for us to feel things like sadness, hurt feelings, disappointment, even feeling anger or frustrated. Where those painful experiences begin to really hurt us is when we stay stuck in one phase of grief and never move on to the other stages to really heal from what we have been through.  

Once we understand our pain which is the story we have created in our minds about the person or situation that has made us feel upset or hurt we can then begin to parent ourselves through it. What this means is we begin to detach from the story we have told ourselves which is causes us the pain. When detaching it allows for a deeper understanding and perspective on the situation at hand. It allows for introspection, and we begin the practice of detaching from either our ego self or our wounded child.  

It is really those two parts of you that are feeling the pain. You are stuck in the emotional heart space but are not able to get to a logical place where you can balance your emotions to the logic regarding what you went through.  

Being able to monitor your emotional self is a critical component towards mental health. Without it you are at the mercy of your subconscious self which is backed by emotions and your wounds.