How To Thrive As A Highly Sensitive Person

Aug 13, 2020

As a highly sensitive, empathic person, I know firsthand the struggles highly sensitive people face daily. The world can feel overwhelming, especially when you are not taking care of yourself.

Since most of us never knew growing up that we were HSP we also did not learn how to properly take care of ourselves. Here are some tips all HSP must do in order to keep ourselves healthy and in a good space.


The most important thing a highly sensitive person can do is to practice self-care. Make sure you are eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, moving your body, and connecting to a hobby you love.

When an HSP is out of balance, anxiety tends to spike, so make sure to keep your blood sugar balanced and stress levels managed by practicing mindfulness and positive affirmations.


Absorbing other peoples’ energies, intuitively knowing what another person is feeling — all that sounds like a superpower! It is pretty amazing being an HSP!

Embrace this unique part of yourself; don’t dwell on some of the negativity that may come up around being an HSP.


Highly sensitive people are not the biggest fans of large events and parties. Sometimes life requires you to attend events for work or a family function.

Before the event, communicate with your partner or colleague or family member that you will be going to the event for x amount of time. That way, this person can depend on you being present at the event for the set time.

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