So You Want Revenge???

betrayal cheating ex husband ex wife healing revenge Oct 05, 2023

Ever heard the saying, "The best revenge is living well"? Well, today, we're going to break that down. Revenge doesn't have to mean plotting, bitterness, or any of that drama. It's more about rising above, healing, and becoming your best self.

The first thing I’m going to tell you is to GET HEALTHY!

Now, I'm not just talking about hitting the gym and eating your greens (although that's important too). I'm talking about a holistic approach to health that includes your mind, body, and soul.


Learn About What You Went Through

First things first, take some time to reflect and learn about what you went through. Whether it was a tough breakup, a betrayal, or any other kind of hurtful experience, understanding it is the first step towards healing. It's like a puzzle; you can't put the pieces back together if you don't know what they look like.



One of the keys to getting healthy is self-parenting. Treat yourself with the love, care, and compassion you deserve. Be your own biggest supporter, just like a loving parent would be. It's amazing how much healing can happen when you give yourself the nurturing you need. When you're going through a tough time, it's important to have healthy ways to soothe yourself. This could be through meditation, yoga, reading a good book, or even just taking a long bath. Find what helps you relax and calm your mind.


Become Mentally and Emotionally Healthy

Getting healthy isn't just about your physical well-being. Your mental and emotional health are equally, if not more, important. Seek therapy or counseling if you need it. It's a sign of strength, not weakness, to ask for help when you're struggling. You can't move forward if you're still carrying the baggage from your past. So, take the time to heal. Forgive, not for them, but for yourself. Let go of grudges and resentment; they're like poison for your soul.


Create a New Life

Now, here's where the magic happens. Use this opportunity to create a new life for yourself. Pursue your passions, set goals, and work towards them. Build a life that you love, independent of anyone else.

The best revenge you can ever have is massive success and happiness. When you're thriving, when you're truly happy, it shows. And trust me, there's nothing more satisfying than knowing that you've moved on and created an amazing life for yourself. It's like a subtle mic drop moment that no one can take away from you.



It might sound simple, but it's not always easy. First and foremost, moving on means you ignore them. Yep, you heard me right. You don't let them occupy space in your head or heart. You focus on your life and your happiness, not theirs.

Sometimes you can't completely cut ties, especially if you have kids together. In those cases, be an adult about it. Keep your emotions in check, and remember that your priority should be the well-being of your children, not getting back at your ex.


Don't Save Them, Don't Tell New Supply About Them

Here's a little piece of advice: don't save them. It's not your job to rescue them from their mistakes or bad choices. Let them figure it out on their own. And when it comes to their new "supply," don't go out of your way to spill the beans about their past. Karma has a funny way of sorting things out.


Learn to Not React – Through Taking Care of Yourself

This doesn't mean you become emotionless; it means you take care of yourself to the point where their actions no longer have the power to hurt you. When you're emotionally and mentally strong, their antics won't affect you like they used to. Remember, revenge doesn't have to be about seeking vengeance; it can be about seeking happiness and success. So, go out there, live your best life, and let your success be the sweetest revenge of all.