Signs You Are Going Through A Spiritual Awakening

emotional health healing mental health self-awareness self-development Dec 09, 2022

When I was about 30 and engaged, about 6 months before getting married, I found myself not being in a good place. I was getting married, going through a job transition, and I wasn't happy with what I was doing. Some family stuff was going on, and it turned into this perfect storm. There were just one too many things happening all at once for me.

It caused this breakdown essentially where I was very depressed, and I didn't understand what was going on. I began asking all these questions and learning about things I had never really thought about before. I was in so much pain, searching for answers to figure out what was causing these feelings inside of me. Something was off, and deep down, I knew there wasn't anything wrong with me. So I became very inquisitive. I started learning about being an empath and that I was a highly sensitive person.

This was when I learned I was going through a spiritual awakening. One of the biggest signs of a spiritual awakening is becoming very inquisitive and asking yourself very deep questions.

A lot of the time, we look at a spiritual awakening as a nervous or emotional breakdown. Spiritual awakenings tend to happen in the stage of your life when you're going through something difficult or a depression. There is no specific time you'll go through a spiritual awakening; it can happen at any point and can be triggered by something that happens in your life. It doesn't need to be catastrophic, but it is something that jolts this awakening in you.


How Spiritual Awakenings Happen

Some common triggers for a spiritual awakening include:

  • Divorce
  • A difficult relationship
  • Not being satisfied in your career
  • Therapy
  • Depression
  • Near-death experience
  • Illness

It is something that happens, slowly or suddenly, that causes us to ask really deep questions about ourselves and those around us.

Someone going through a bad breakup can wonder, "why am I this way," then they start learning about codependency and narcissism, and eventually start learning about their own emotional wounds. They start really going into their past and what ends up happening is that they end up rising to a new level of self-awareness.

We are all programmed to think a certain way from childhood, but when you become more conscious of your emotional wounds and triggers, you can break away from your programming and be more mindful of what you are doing. You are able to start creating new healthier habits, which can only be done when you start to work on yourself.


Why Do We Go Through These?

Many people ask why we have to go through spiritual awakenings. They aren't fun but painful experiences. And it is honestly one of the tougher questions. My spiritual awakening was one of the toughest experiences that I ever had to go through. There were months of learning and growing and pain. You are shedding layers of stuff that you have been carrying with you for years that you probably didn't even know was there.

The reason that it is so painful is because you are healing from all the damage that has been caused or created throughout the course of your life. Those painful experiences you had in your childhood and that programming is still there. It is a wound; it is angry, painful, and infected. Before we acknowledged a wound there, we were reactive whenever it was touched. We acted out in certain ways and never really understood why. We ignored the pain that was there and tried to avoid touching and acknowledging it. When we go through our spiritual awakening, we start not only recognizing our wound but also treating the wound. We start caring for it, cleaning it up, and allowing it to heal and scar. Sure, when that wound is touched, it may feel different, but it is no longer hurting or bleeding.

We go through a spiritual awakening because we are learning how to get back to our true, authentic selves. We are trying to reconnect with our soul, with who we really are. We work through our pain and trauma, and we learn about who we are. We learn why we act certain ways and what is driving us. Spiritual awakenings are necessary for us to experience so we can live as our most authentic selves.