What the New Supply Has That You Don't

breakups mentalhealth narcissist relationships Feb 22, 2021

So you have broken up with your narcissistic ex.

Good for you. This is a big step in the right direction.

You may be excited to move on and be free from their manipulation. Perhaps you are ready to enjoy being single and free to do as you please, but then you see how quickly your ex replaces you.

Your ex has a new significant other, and they are now professing their love for this person. They are talking soulmates and blasting this person all over social media. They have now found the love of their life.

As you see all of this, you begin to feel that pain in your heart and the anger arise in your ego. Because you remember how often they used to tell you those same words. You see play by play what is happening in their relationship (because it is being displayed everywhere, almost in a despite way to gain attention) and you see that you are no longer that person. You have been replaced with someone else who your ex is doing the same things with, in the same way they did them with you.

Narcissists need people in their lives that make them feel important. The attention feeds their egos. This type of attention we call narcissistic supply.

The love, adoration, fear, confrontation, and praise a narcissist can get from others gives them a high. This is the narcissist’s goal to keep this high all day, every day.

Let’s be honest, it hurts to see your ex move on with someone else so quickly. Regardless who ended the relationship chances are you feel hurt on someone levels by this because you are human. You were invested in your relationship and you are not the type of person to throw around your love so easily. You trusted them and perhaps projected onto them what you wanted to see, but regardless whether you have happy to be out or struggling everyday here are some things to remember.

Why is the new supply so special? Did you do anything wrong?

Find out in my newest Youtube video. I will be talking about the new supply and how you must stay confident in yourself. Remember, you will get through this!